Elk NetworkKeep Your Distance from Elk, Elk Calves

General | May 21, 2019

Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence. Tourists who are unfamiliar with wild animals get too close, endangering both themselves and the animals. And in the spring, cow elk and their newborn calves are definitely a part of that equation.

Yellowstone National Park recently issued a new release with some very direct suggestions.

  • Warning: Elk calving has begun!
  • Cow elk are much more aggressive towards people during the calving season and may charge or kick.
  • Stay alert. Look around corners before exiting buildings or walking around blind spots: cow elk may bed their calves near buildings and cars.
  • Keep at least 25 yards from elk at all times.
  • If an elk charges you, find shelter in your vehicle or behind a tall, sturdy barrier as quickly as possible.
  • You are responsible for your own safety.


(Photo & graphic source: National Park Service)