Elk NetworkWhy I’m Becoming a Hunter

General | August 24, 2017

A young woman in Pennsylvania grew up around hunting but never took part in it other than being a bystander. Now, as a reporter for the York Daily Record, she decided to take more of a hands-on-approach by attending a hunter education class.

“Just when I was starting to warm up to the idea of hunting, it got even better. The WCO started talking about a side of hunting I’d never heard before. Responsibility. Conservation. Saving animals, not endangering them,” wrote Maddie Crocenzi. “When he launched into how they were committed to keep land wild and free I almost stood up and cheered. Suddenly hunting didn’t seem like a cold-blooded sport, it was more about protecting certain species, preserving habitats and just having a great time with your family and friends.

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