Elk NetworkIdaho Offers Super Hunt Opportunity

General | April 6, 2018

What would it be like to have the chance to hunt elk, deer, pronghorn and moose in any open hunt? The opportunity is available for those who apply for Idaho’s Super Hunt Combo.

Money raised by the drawings helps provides hunters and anglers access to public and private lands. One such program is Access YES!  So far this year, Access Yes! opened 371,707 acres of private land and provided access to 549,635 acres of public land for hunters and anglers.

Entries submitted after the May 31 deadline will automatically be entered in the second drawing which takes place August 10. Two elk, two deer, two pronghorn and one moose tag will be drawn. One Super Hunt Combo will also be drawn. Winners will be notified by August 15.

Gavin Moody (see photo) entered his second Super Hunt drawing in 2015 and drew the elk tag.

Go here for more information.

(Photo source: Gavin Moody/Idaho Department of Fish and Game)