Elk NetworkHow Hunting Taught Me to be a Responsible Eater

General | May 20, 2017

Below is a portion of a blog post by Brad Leone titled “How Hunting Taught Me to be a Responsible Eater.”

Eating wild game throughout my life has kept me grounded. The process of preparing the meat becomes a celebration of the animal, not just Tuesday’s dinner. I think that, compared to most farmed meats we consume in this country, wild game live the way they’re meant to live and eat what they’re meant to eat.

My dad always said I’d get back into hunting, and he was right. I’m a bit older now, and the desire to hunt game is coming back. On a recent trip to Montana, I got to eat some elk a friend had harvested. Sharing pictures of the hunt and talking about how he’d hiked home with the meat got us all excited about the food on the plate, and it made me remember why I loved to hunt in the first place. I understand that world hunger can’t be cured by us all going out and hunting our own food—but it certainly taught me respect for the environment and for the animals that call it home.

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Photo source: Brad Leone