Elk NetworkHunter Participation Increasing in Michigan

General | November 24, 2020

Reflecting what seems to be a national trend, more people are hunting in Michigan. Statistics show residents purchased 751,310 deer licenses in mid-September 2020 compared to 584,802 from one year earlier. Additionally, participation by female hunters is up 35 percent while participation by youth age 10-16 is up a staggering 190 percent.

Those numbers reflect a recent study that show a younger demographic is heading afield.

“We’re trying to figure out whether the early increase means more hunters this year or if it is a function of early buying of licenses that will even out,” Chad Stewart, Michigan Department of Natural Resources deer and elk program leader, told the Traverse City Record Eagle.

Stewart also suggested the increased participation is due in part to COVID-19 restrictions and so more people are taking up hunting to get outside and enjoy nature.

(Photo source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources)