Elk NetworkHelp Find Who Poached an Elk Calf in Missouri

General | October 25, 2018

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) needs your help to find the person(s) responsible for poaching a calf elk in July 2018.

MDC biologists say the calf was born on July 13 in the Log Yard area of Shannon County and they placed a VFH radio collar on it the next day. The animal still had spots on it when it turned up shot in the head next to a road just a few weeks later.

“These poaching incidents are ethically wrong and represent poor moral conduct,” said Gerald Smith, MDC Ozark regional protection supervisor. “The people who did this do not understand the value of conserving wildlife, the value of the law, or reflect the values held by the majority of Missouri’s local or state citizens.”

Smith also said it’s important to note that poaching is not hunting, and poachers are not hunters.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation worked with the Missouri Department of Conservation to successfully reestablish elk onto their historic Missouri range beginning in 2011.

“The restoration of elk is appreciated by many people, businesses and organizations in our area,” Smith said. “The elk herd is growing and plans for a limited hunting season may soon be forthcoming. However, these poaching cases can impact both elk tourism and the likelihood of an elk hunting season.”

Missouri is reportedly considering an elk hunt as soon as 2020.

Go here for more detailed information about the poaching incident.

(Photo source: Missouri Department of Conservation)