Elk NetworkGetting Prepared For Elk Season With Warne

Sponsored Content | June 19, 2023

Justyn from Warne reminds us now is the time to prepare for Elk season. The excitement or disappointment of last year’s hunt may have overwritten in-the-moment thoughts we had during last year’s hunt.

Take your kit on a dry run. Go out and spend a day with your equipment to remember what worked and didn’t for you. Checking now not only prevents surprises, but also gives time to change or fix equipment before the fall spike in demand causes supply shortages or increased prices.

Here are a few key points Justyn reminded us of:

  • Logistics: Where are you headed and how will you get there?
  • Physical Preparation: Getting fit over two seasons is a lot easier than attempting the month of.
  • Gear:
    • Boots: How were they last year? If you’re replacing them, now is the time to break them in to avoid discomfort on the hunt. Additionally, selection and pricing in the off season is apt to be better.
    • Glass: Binoculars, range finder, and riflescope. Were they the right tools for the task last season? Will they still be the right tools in this year’s unit?
    • First Aid Kit: If you used any of it last year have you replaced those items? Has anything expired?
    • Clothing: How’d your setup work last year? Was there something you wished was different? Does it still fit?
    • Kill Kit: Do you need a new knife? Does your existing knife need some attention? Are game bags ready?
    • Rifle: Whether or not you’re using the same caliber, rifle, or scope give them at least a once-over to check for rust, fastener tightness, and any damage that might hamper performance. If you’re changing anything this year now is the time to get it set up while supplies are plentiful. Spring gives us time to experiment and upgrade without rush. If you’re looking to shave some weight off your rifle consider our Mountain Tech rings. If it’s no-compromise strength you need take a look at our steel Maxima rings.
  • Practice: Chances are shots you took on your last hunt weren’t from a bench. As a form of training as well as testing your setup practice shots in positions relevant to your hunting situations. This could include off-hand, kneeling, from your pack, using a tree for support, etc.