Elk NetworkGet a Camera, Help Biologists Monitor Wisconsin Elk Herds

General | September 9, 2022

Below is a Facebook post from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation provided funding and volunteer manpower leading to the successful restoration of elk to their historic range in 1995 and several subsequent efforts after that. In fact, since 1990, RMEF and its partners completed 594 conservation and hunting heritage outreach projects in Wisconsin with a combined value of more than $11.9 million. These projects conserved and enhanced 1,261,048 acres of habitat and opened or improved public access to 2,000 acres.

This bull elk decided to take a nap deep in the northern forests of Wisconsin, right in front of a trail camera meant to monitor wildlife. Convenient, right?

Unlike this bull elk, trail cameras aren’t snoozing away the day. Snapshot Wisconsin has cameras specifically for monitoring the reintroduced elk herds in Black River Falls, Clam Lake and Flambeau River State Forest.

The 195 volunteer-managed cameras in the reintroduction areas have been helping research scientists and biologists monitor important herd metrics, including estimating populations, cow/bull ratios and bull age structure, all without disturbing the elk. The DNR uses these metrics to make informed management decisions to ensure a sustainable and healthy herd.

Interested in helping monitor the elk herd’s growth? There are cameras available in the Black River Falls area. You can apply to monitor a camera, and Snapshot Wisconsin will provide you with equipment and training! Just watch out for any snoozing bulls when you venture out.

Apply for a camera here.

(Photo credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)