Elk NetworkGear 101 – Packing out an elk with the ultimate Eberlestock combo

Gear 101 | October 22, 2020

If your elk hunts take you more than a couple miles from an open road, chances are you’re going to bring your elk out in pieces. Our friends at Eberlestock have the packs to get you into the backcountry and your elk out.

The M5 RMEF Team Elk Pack makes a great day or overnight pack, allowing you to carry both your weapon and essential gear. Thanks to plenty of straps and an ingenious meat shelf, the Team Elk pack can carry your gear and a load of meat back to your rig. Once at your rig, swap out the Team Elk pack for the F1 Mainframe.

You can easily attach a smaller bag to the Mainframe to carry more game bags, water and knives back to you elk. And thanks to a multitude of straps and lashing points, an old canvas military duffel bag works well for trim, front shoulders and anything else your legs and back can withstand.

Learn more at: https://eberlestock.com/