Elk NetworkGear 101 – Leupold VX-6HD 4-24X52mm

Gear 101 | June 18, 2021

The Gold Ring. Few things in the hunting and shooting sports industry are as iconic and recognizable. If you’re putting the gold ring on your rifle, you know you’re getting quality, durability, and clarity.

And the best part about Leupold is it just keeps getting better. That’s exemplified with the 2021 addition of the newest model to the award-winning Vx6-HD rifle scope lineup – the 4-24x52mm CDS-ZL2 Illuminated TMOA model.

If that sounds like a mouthful, it is for good reason – because it’s loaded with features. It comes with all the bells and whistles you expect from the top-of-the-line hunting scope:  edge-to-edge brightness, clarity and resolution, a 6-to-1 magnification, and even an in-scope electronic reticle level to make sure your rifle is rock-steady and on an even footing.

What makes this model special is an all-new low-profile elevation dial, giving you all the dial range of a target scope, 75 MOA to be exact, in the compact sizing of a hunting optic. Send Leupold a few details about your hunting load, and in return, you’ll receive a free CDS dial that allows you to click right to your range.

Even better, it eliminates accidental dial movement with the push-button ZeroLock® system, making certain that when you place the crosshairs on that next trophy, your zero is right where you expect it to be.

And don’t forget – all Leupold rifle scopes are designed, machined and assembled in the USA as always. Waterproof…fog-proof… and guaranteed for life.

Learn more at: https://www.leupold.com/