Elk NetworkGear 101: Cabela’s Blackout X300 Ground Blind

Gear 101 | December 14, 2018

Running and gunning for elk typically means that once you find elk, you use the wind and terrain to conceal your movement. But what if you knew where the elk were going to be at dawn and dusk? What if the elk in your sights always traveled from food to bedding cover using the same drainage? If you’re privy to this kind of elk hunting gold, then maybe you should consider using a ground blind.

A blind like the Blackout X300 is roomy enough for three hunters and their gear. And at 76-inches tall, a 6-foot hunter can easily stand up and stretch their legs. It features a large door with quick release, making this blind a great choice for mobility-challenged or impaired hunters.

With a 300-degree field of view and shoot-through camo mesh, hunters can relax inside without fear of the slightest movement spooking the herd. The rugged 600D fabric shell and a built-in ground skirt helps keep you out of the elements.

To secure the blind, it comes with 4 guy ropes and 8 stakes. 4 exterior brush straps help you customize your concealment while 2 interior gear pockets help keep gear organized.

It weighs 31.5 pounds and comes with its own carrying case with shoulder straps.

A ground blind might not be in every elk hunter’s quiver, but if you have a reliable honey-hole in elk country, then a ground blind should definitely be on your wish list.

MSRP: $300

Learn more at https://www.cabelas.com/product/BLACKOUT-X-GROUND-BLIND/2812757.uts