Elk NetworkElk Hunter Survives Grizzly Attack

General | November 8, 2017

An elk hunter returning to retrieve a bull elk he shot the day before, instead came face-to-face with a grizzly bear north of Gardiner, Montana.

“The next thing I know I can see him opening his mouth, and the picture I’ll never forget is canines about an inch long or so coming toward me,” Joseph Kiedrowski told KRTV-TV.

The grizzly bit his right wrist and then Kiedrowski fell to the ground and rolled to his stomach so the bear dug into his pack instead of his ribs. It then briefly left his sight allowing the hunter to get his bear spray.

When the grizzly charged a second time, he gave it a face full of spray. After the bear left, Kiedrowski called his brother, tended to his arm and hiked down to a road where a ranch hand eventually picked him up. The hunter went to a hospital for treatment.

(Video source: KRTV)