Elk NetworkBuck Falls into Window Well, Rescued, then Immediately Challenged by Rival

General | November 24, 2020

Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a series of photos about a somewhat bizarre situation that recently unfolded near Colorado Springs. Below are the posts CPW shared on Twitter.

Why are we sharing a photo of a window well? Because, believe it or not, uncovered window wells are a threat to wildlife. That was the case Sunday in Colorado Springs when a call for help came in to Colorado Parks and Wildlife of a mule deer buck trapped in one. (photo on left)

At the scene, CPW Officer Cassidy English found a 200-pound buck deer trapped in a 6-foot-deep well. It was not seriously injured so she tranquilized it. Rather than try to hoist it, she & homeowners pulled it inside & carried it out of the house via patio doors. (middle photo)

But our story isn’t over! As CPW Officer English was reviving the buck, a second buck approached intent on fighting. Twice she had to haze it away. The rut makes deer very aggressive. Do not approach them. Scare them away. And cover window wells! (photo on right)

(Photo source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)