Elk NetworkBone Daddy Knives: Crafting with Silver, Turquoise, and Nature-Inspired Artistry

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Bone Daddy Knives elevates the allure of popular Packer knives through the infusion of Silver and Turquoise. The collection showcases Skinner and drop-point Packer hunting knives, ranging from $120 for stainless steel to $190 for Damascus. Additionally, antler crown hunting knives are priced between $150 and $400, depending on the blade and type of antler.

Situated 2 miles inside the Wind River Indian Reservation in Dubois, WY, Bone Daddy Knives operates its production and showroom, actively sourcing deer, elk, moose antlers, mountain sheep, and antelope horns from local suppliers.

The creation of Bone Daddy Knives involves a significant influence from nature. After deer and elk shed their antlers, creatures like squirrels and porcupines chew them for calcium. Natural cracks form in the antler due to rain, snow, and sun exposure. This unique collaboration between forest creatures and weather elements imparts character, providing the ideal canvas for artist and creator Ben Barto. This setting allows him to achieve the color contrasts he strives for in every product.

The blades, made of stainless steel or Damascus, consist of 1085 high carbon and ws1 mild carbon, folded 150 to 250 times based on blade size.

Ben sculpts original silver wildlife tracks, antlers, and figurines, personally traveling annually to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Farmington, New Mexico, to have them cast. He hand-selects turquoise, precious stones, silver settings, and jewelry from Native Americans to incorporate into the knife handles.

Equipped with two laser machines, the company adds a profound touch to antlers, steel, leather, and wood, elevating knives for business, foundation, or personal collections.


After 45 years of sculpting various items, Ben takes knife making to a new level with steak knife sets using antlers, skulls with antlers attached, and pine burlwood as the base. The sets, available in increments of 2, range from a 4-piece set to a 20-piece set for a hunting lodge. Knives adorned with turquoise inlay, a silver deer, or bear track set into the handles create a magnificent centerpiece for dining pleasure. The company also produces these knives and steak sets using customers’ own antlers.

Antlers and horns, likened to fingerprints, ensure each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

“Anyone can build a knife, but we turn it into a piece of Art.” – Ben C. Barto

Ben and his wife, Sherry, both hailing from military families, initiated the Horns for Heroes Foundation in 2017. This 501(c)(3) foundation donates 5% of profits, establishing the yearly Chance Phelps memorial scholarship fund for Dubois High School graduates.

P.O. Box 1104, 7026 Hwy. 26 Dubois, WY. 82513

Phone: 307-851-6295

www.bonedaddy-knives.com & www.hornsforheroes.com