Elk NetworkA Life Member’s Hunt of a Lifetime

Volunteer News | January 17, 2022

After 26 years of applying, RMEF life member Jamie Garcia finally drew a coveted Utah moose tag in 2021.

Garcia began scouting different wildlife management areas across the unit during the hot summer months. About four weeks before his hunt began, Garcia located several shooter bulls and was able to locate these bulls again several times before the season opened.

Opening day came with much anticipation. That morning found Jamie, his wife Jami and son Kameron glassing a promising creek bed. Garcia’s father-in-law, Gene, and brother-in-law, Tage, glassed a nearby drainage that Garcia had scouted previously. After several hours behind the glass, Jami spotted a small bull and a cow. Not long after, Tage spotted a bull miles off through rough country. Tage asked Jamie “How bad do you want a trophy?”

Garcia, Kameron and Tage went after the bull. The several hours of hiking to the area they believed the bull to be in included Garcia falling into a river and Kameron joking that he should have brought his rappelling gear.

Once to the ridge they believed the bull was on, the group began glassing. After about 30 minutes of parsing apart the thick brush and trees, Tage said “Jamie, I think I found him!” Tage managed to spot a small piece of antler. After several minutes of repositioning and with Tage and Kameron’s help, Garcia was able to locate a shooting lane. Kameron gave him a range. And with one shot Garcia fulfilled a life-long dream.

Garcia’s hunt took place on the Middlefork WMA near the Cinnamon Creek area that RMEF recently protected. “These hunts and memories are made possible by the conservation work by agencies and organizations like RMEF,” says Garcia.