Elk Network2022 ePack Wheel. One Trip Out!

General , Sponsored Content | July 5, 2022

The Pack Wheel® is the lightest gear & game cart on the market, built with the highest quality bicycle components available. Every collapsible Pack Wheel® frame is designed with 100% 6061 aluminum for superior strength and fully backed by a lifetime warranty. Our patent-pending motorized e-Pack Wheel makes it easy to carry your deer, elk or other big game with its powerful electric motor.

Need an easier way to carry supplies and gear when backpacking, hiking, or hunting? The Pack Wheel® gets you out on the trail without the pain of carrying gear on your back. With its electric motor, disc brakes, and collapsible ergonomic design the Pack Wheel® is easy to maneuver even along the narrowest hiking trails. It can even go completely all-terrain while carrying the weight of your hunting gear or your latest big game trophies.


The Pack Wheel® is all about convenience. Not only does it make the transportation of hunting gear easier; our single-wheel game cart also transfers the weight of your heavy supplies off of your shoulders, knees, and hips, keeping your joints healthy so you can keep doing what you love. The Pack Wheel® is ultra-light-weight and collapsible which enables youth and smaller individuals to carry their share of the camping equipment. The motorized, electric e-Pack Wheel™, empowers you to hike farther and hunt for longer than ever before.

Learn more at: packwheel.com